SPX 2013 Haul

Fig. 1, Clockwise from upper left: 

Studygroup Issue 1

I’ve been friends with Zack Soto online pretty much since I started posting to Tumblr in 2011, and this year I finally got to meet him in person. 

House of Women by Sophie Goldstein, 38/100

Credit for discovering this amazing artist actually goes to my mom, who defied all my expectations when she decided she liked an artist who wasn’t me enough to buy her book. Check out her exquisite work!

Wax Cross + Baba Yaga and the Wolf by Tin Can Forest

Possibly my second favorite discovery at SPX this year, Tin Can Forest are a husband and wife team that live in Narnia and just make effortlessly gorgeous comics all damn day. 

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen was an early comics discovery for me; I picked up one of his first Big Questions issues in Atomic Books years ago. His work was my introduction to the North American indie-comics scene, and to Drawn and Quarterly, and I’m thankful to have had him for an influence early on in my life. I’ve wanted to buy the collected Big Questions since it came out, but waited until I could buy it from him in person. As you can see in Fig.4, he took the time to embellish the plate for me. He was very nice, and I look forward to reading his new works. 

Very Casual by Michael Deforge

Thank you, Michael, for personalizing Very Casual with my very own X-rated Snoopy. Never change. 

Aya: Life in Yop City by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie

I’ve been meaning to read this forever! 

Fig. 2

Top row: Postcards from Sam Bosma, Rebekka Dunlap, Miranda Harmon

Second row: A 3-pack of beauitul little notebooks by Lisa Perrin that I traded her for a copy of HONEY and Over You Nanook. Treasure Chest by Sam Bosma

Bottom row: Fantasy Basketball by Sam Bosma, All My Anime Boyfriends by Kali Ciesemier, her postcard, and her 5-pack Game of Thrones postcard set. “Windows and Corners” postcard set from Rebecca Mock. Postcard from Natalie Andrewson

Fig. 3

Terrifying face card by Naomi Butterfield.

Sex Fantasy 1 and 2 by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Was so happy to get to meet Sophia for the first time after sending each other postcards and such. I’m a huge admirer of her work, and feel like we share a lot of sensibilities. I couldn’t stop laughing though—-it turns out we look so much alike that people kept thinking we were one person. 

FeiFei Ruan's popsicle stick business card—-nicely played

Eleri Mai Harris' amazing screen printed business card, which opens up to reveal a mini comic all about the lobster. 

Lisa Perrin's square business card

Spandexless print, which accepts submissions. 

Claire Sullivan's Business card. 

Two zines by Eleanor DavisEleanor also did the cover for Study Group in Fig. 1. I LOVE her little sketches, and talking with her about Le1f and  Big Freedia on Twitter. 

Jensine Eckwall's postcard. 

And lastly, Julia Gfrorer's Too Dark To See, Flesh and Bone, and Black is the Color 1 and 2. I had read an interview with Julia some time ago, thought to myself, “This lady is fucking intense, I need to read her stuff”, but never followed through—-until SPX, when she was on a panel discussing disturbing themes in comics. A LOT of what she said resonated with me, and I ended up meeting her at her table and buying all her work. She is my favorite discovery of that weekend. I read her comics on the drive home to Baltimore, and after finishing the last of them I had to sit down and rethink quite a few things about what I was doing and where I was going with my life. 

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